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ShotCakes is founded on a simple concept: combining a fresh baked cupcake with creamy soft serve ice cream.

By utilizing its patented & revolutionary ice cream technology, ShotCakes is able to serve its customers ice cream cupcakes, baked fresh and filled fresh!


Here is how the process works: The customer selects their cupcake and ice cream flavor and then watches as their cupcake gets filled fresh with ice cream.  If desired, they can top their cupcake with one or several toppings.  Ice cream and cupcakes are a natural combination, add whipped cream or rich chocolate, and the result is a decadent treat.  


ShotCakes also offers its cupcakes with frosting, for a simple indulgence.  Additional menu items include ice cream cones, sundaes, milk shakes, protein shakes, fresh fruit smoothies, baked goods and coffee & beverages.


All items are available for carry-out which is perfect for birthday parties, weddings, corporate parties, catered affairs, social gatherings, and special events.

Mint Chip

Chocolate cake topped with mint flavored frosting, fudge sauce and mini chcolate chips

Shark Attack™

Chocolate Fudge

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Yellow cake topped with vanilla frosting, gummy shark and edged with blue, white and shark sugar

Chocolate cake topped with chcolate frosting, fudge sauce and edged with OREO® cookie

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Red Velvet

Red velvet cake topped with cream cheesse flavored frosting and red sugar

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